Make Money to Be King: 6 Powerful Tips to follow.

To be financially free, we need to make money and aim at being financially independent. Making money may not seem easy but In this article, simplycashout will share with us different easiest tips on how to make money to beĀ  king.

Make Money to Be King: 6 Powerful Working Strategies.

Make Money to Be King

Making money to be king is everybody desire, but unfortunately many see this has been unattainable. However, with determination and putting in right strategies, there are high chances of achieving goal of being financial independence and make money to be king. The following steps are some of the ways to adopt to ensure this:

Tip 1: Starting Early Investment.

We will put ourselves in a better vantage if we invest early while aiming to make money to be king to be financial independence. Investment in the stock market, using compound interest, for instance can allows our money to grow over time. Small capital investments as well can add up over the years and gives us a tangible return on our investment.

Working Tips for Starting Early:

  • Start investing at early age.
  • Invest as much as you can.
  • Invest in different schemes.
  • Monitor the investments to make necessary adjustment.
  • Invest in reputable companies.

Tip 2: Reduction on Expenses.

To make money to be king, there may be need for us to reduce our expenses. We may decide to buy only what we need and not what we want. Human needs are always unlimited as human beings are insatiable. Therefore, it is always better to cut down our expenses as we can never get all what we need and want.

Working Tips for Cutting Down Expenses:

  • Practising scale of preference.
  • Do away with junk food and unnecessary outing.
  • Shop for goods and products that have discount.
  • Go for fairly used items.
  • Make a budget for some necessary bills and utilities.
  • Improvise some of the items you need. For instance, electricity does safe money compare to gas.
  • Reviewing expenses to cut down some unnecessary spending.
  • Cash payment should be done often to prevent extra bank charges.

Tip 3: Involving in Alternate businesses.

We need to find solace in creating alternative business while trying to make money to be a king. This will help to find additional source of income for ourselves. Just like a king will not have only one source of income, we should also focus on different ways by which we can make money to ensure an independent lifestyles.

Working Tips for Involving in Alternate Businesses.

  • Research to know the right market.
  • Draw a feasibility study and cogent business plan.
  • Start with a low capital first to test the business.
  • Find effective way of marketing your business.
  • Endure whatever hurdles that come your ways while running the business.

Tip 4: Repayment of Debt

Debt has always been the reason why most people cannot make money to be king that they wish to. Therefore, there should be effective ways by which we can pay off the debt to ease the burden that it may cause. There are different tips that a debtor can embark on to ease the repayment of the debt that he owns.

Working Tips for Repayment of Debt.

  • Focus on the huge debt first before the other debts.
  • Always go for lower interest rates
  • Find effective way of paying off debt.
  • Do not service loan with another loan.
  • Refrain from taking another loan while repaying other ones.

Tip 5: Involving in Passive Income Streams.

Passive income streams are one of the greatest way to make money to be king. Passive way of generation money involves making money without being active. The streams allow us to make money even while sleeping. We don’t need to be actively working for money. Examples of passive income skills include blogging, affliate marketing, investing in some stocks and shares, getting royalty from creative works like music, books, arts among others.

Working Tips for Passive Income.

  • Search online for different ways of making passive income.
  • Go with the one that interest your passion.
  • Developing yourself on different tactics to be unique from others.
  • Focus on streams you can easily take control of.

Tip 6: Indulging in Self Investment

We cannot make money to be king except we believe in ourselves. Believing in oneself will require one to be investing in oneself. This include involving in different training on skills acquisitions and self development skills. Some if these can be done online for free.

Working Tips for Indulging in Self Investment.

  • Identify the type of person that we are.
  • Research more on what type of skill we can competitively do.
  • Go for internship programmes.
  • Search online for cost-effective programmes.

Why we need to make money to be King.

A king doesn’t struggle for whatever he wants. He gets them at his comfortability. Hence, to be king, the following are the reasons why we need to make money like him.

To earn power:

Money gives power. Power brings fortune. Therefore, we need to make money to earn the power that we deserve. In some cultures, they do accord traditional titles and power to whomever that has made money.

To earn respect

Respect comes with money. When we have money, there will be respect from any perspective and from everybody. The respect will be accorded regardless of the ages in as much there is money.

For finacial freedom

There is always the joy of being financially free when we make money. This mean, there will be self independent and no need for depending on other people to make earn meet end means.

For comfortability.

The joy of getting what we want when we need it no matter the amount doesn’t know any bound. This can only be achieved when we make money to be a king. We spend like a king as well.


To be finacially free, money must be made to be king. Following the above great tips can greatly impact us on how to make money like a king. For any suggestions, comment and question, the comment box can be used.


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