Bet9ja Mobile Review: The Hidden Gem.

Bet9ja is a household name for any sport enthusiast in Nigeria. The company has thus made it easier for its users by introducing the mobile version for the android and iOS users for them to have mobile experience of the betting platform. Simplycashout, today want to review in detail the bet9ja mobile.

Bet9ja Mobile Reviews: The Hidden Gem.

Bet9ja Mobile Review

Bet9ja mobile is the mobile version of one of the leading Nigerian online sports betting platforms, called Bet9ja. The platform allows users to have access to the full range of sports betting options which live betting, virtual games, and casino games from their mobile devices and even tablets. It is one of the popular online sports betting and gaming platform which allows users to have a seamless and convenient betting experience. The company was established in 2013 under the KC Gaming Network Limited.

Bet9ja as well was licensed by both Lagos State Lotteries Board and National Lottery Regulatory Commission. This has made it a trustworthy platform for online betting as it was listed as the second most visited website by Alexa in 2018.

Bet9ja has become so popular for its introduction of a mobile app which is available for both iOS and Android devices, and offers an easy and convenient way for users to place their bets anywhere and anytime conveniently.

Intrinsics Features of Bet9ja Mobile Reviews.

Bet9ja mobile review has become necessary to do. This is because ever since its introduction as a mobile version of Bet9ja company, many people have been having different opinions about how the app works. The following are the features of the bet9ja mobile app:

User-friendly interface: The Bet9ja mobile app has an easy navigated interface. This has made it easier to be used even by the newbies. There is no need for much guidance before a new user can easily use this mobile app.

Full range of sports betting options: The platform allows users to have access to a wide range of sports betting options, including football, basketball, tennis.These games have different options of bets that a player can bet on.

Live betting: Bet9ja mobile version has provided opportunity for the users to place their bets on live events. This means, a user can place his bet on any game they have started and even about to finish. This creates a sense of excitement.

Virtual games: Bet9ja mobile Review provides a range of virtual which include virtual football, tennis, and horse racing, for users to bet on. The shortest duration of these virtual games give user to make money easily and conviniently.

Casino games: In addition to sports betting, Bet9ja mobile offers a range of casino games such as slots, roulette, and blackjack. This has given a Casino players opportunity to make money.

Advantages of Using Bet9ja Mobile App.

Bet9ja Mobile Review

Using Bet9ja mobile app has many advantages as the app has made it easier for the punters to find it easier to use the betting platforms. The following are the advantages of using the Bet9ja mobile app:

Convenient: Bet9ja mobile reviews have shown that most users of the app are using it because of its convenience. It is always convenient to use the mobile app as long as there is internet connection. It can be accessed anywhere and anytime unlike the physical shops which have some time and days restrictions.

Easy to use: With the new design and mobile-friendly phase of the Bet9ja app, it is very easy for users to make use of it. There is no need to run through any manual neither does the new user needs to have some difficulty while navigating round different bet options made available on the website.

Range of betting options: There are more than enough betting options made available on the Bet9ja mobile app. Each sport has different betting options which can be staked on live events or events that have not yet started.

Secure: Bet9ja mobile review shows that the mobile app provides a strong security for the intending users. This made it possible for them to use their ATM card on the website without any fear. The mobile app as well provides security of identity for the users of it.

Cash Out: There is an option of cashing out on any event. There may be many reasons why a user may decide to chicken out of a game, Bet9ja mobile app has made it easier for this to be very easy to do. However, cash out options are not in all the games and as well do come when there are more chances of winning.

Good odds: There is a good odd option for the users. The exposure to an unlimited number of betting option makes it easier for the odds to be many. This has been a good news to any user who knows how to sort himself out while selecting games and events to bet on.

Bonus: Bet9ja offers different bonuses to its users. There are welcoming bonuses for new users of the app. There is also bonuses for the existing users which allows them to use some coupons on their games for better chances.

Disadvantages of Using Bet9ja Mobile.

Bet9ja Mobile Review

Bet9ja mobile review has shown that there are still some dissatisfactions that the users of the mobile app are facing. This will be a gear up call for the company to really step up in their game to claim the best betting platform not only in Nigeria but also in her neighboring countries. Below are some of the challenges faced by the users.

Limited payment options: Bet9ja mobile has limited options for depositing. This has limited some holders of cryptocurrency from betting on the platform. Not only that, this has made some platforms such as Sportybet to be considered before him since it has accepted payment with Recharge Card such as MTN.

Slow customer support: Some of the users of the Bet9ja mobile has accused the company of slow responses to issues. The chat option on the platform doesn’t work as expected of the users. This has made them to go for other betting websites that provide these.

Low Accessibility: Bet9ja doesn’t give people that are not Nigerians access to use the platform. It has been seen as a platform for Nigerians only.

Restrictions on withdrawal: Bet9ja mobile doesn’t allow winners to cash out immediately except they win to the tune of lowest form of withdrawal. The platform may deliberately include this feature for the users to still lose what they have won on the platform.

Too addictive: With the introduction of the Bet9ja mobile app, the level of addiction to gambling has increased. The fact that the app is easy to get has made it easier for many people to get addicted to the platform.

How to Use Bet9ja Mobile App.

In assessing Bet9ja mobile review, there is a need to talk about how to use the mobile app for our seamless betting experience. The following are the procedures of using the mobile app:

Download the app: Bet9ja mobile review is made available for both iOS and Android users. The application can be downloaded in their respective app store. The following are the steps of downloading the mobile app:

  • Go to the Bet9ja website on your mobile device.
  • Click on the “Mobile” tab.
  • Click on “Download the app” and follow procedures on how to download and install the app.

Register: Once you’ve downloaded the app, the next thing to do is to go ahead registering on the app by providing the necessary information which include personal details and other requirements like national identity card.

Fund your account: Funding account will give the users access to place their bets on their favorite sport options. Funding can be done using different means which may include bank transfer, direct bank and USSD.

Place your bets: With the Bet9ja mobile app, it will be easier placing bets. The easy navigation menus have made it possible for the users to get variants of options and their odds.


Bet9ja mobile review that simplycashout did has made it possible for the users to know the best way they can use their mobile version of bet9ja. Bet9ja, which is seen as the first betting company in Nigeria, has made it possible for the users to easily place their bets at the comfort of their rooms. In generality, the mobile app has been seen as an easier way of having access to bet9ja platform. So, for anyone that wants to experience a seamless betting experience, bet9ja mobile app should be downloaded. If anyone has any issue on how to go about the bet9ja mobile app, the comment box below can be used.


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