New Access Transfer Bank Code: *901# is not Working again.

The long queue on both the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) and the in the banks’ premises has made the Access Bank PLC to gave out a new USSD code for its customers. The new Access Transfer Bank Code has made it easier to make transactions at anywhere and anytime. This article will address the new Access Transfer Bank Code and how it can be used for many transactions.

Access Transfer Bank Code

Up to the time of writing this article, Access Bank PLC customers have been using *901# as their Access transfer bank code. But right now, code has been changed but never sure if it has been replaced, for some reasons best known to the bank management. There is another code that has just been released unofficial for the customers to complete their transactions.

What is the new USSD Transfer Code for Access Bank?

Access transfer bank code was released in the early days of March to make sure its teeming customers are able to make transactions seamlessly amidst the issue of Naira scarcity and redesigning of currency in Nigeria.

The new code is *710#. The new code works just as previous code which was *901#.

How do I reset Access Bank Code?

It is easy to enrol on the Access transfer bank code. However, there must be only condition to be met by an applicant. He must be a user of Access Bank PLC before the code can work. And as well, the code must be enrolled using the number that is connected with the bank account.

How to Transfer Money with Access USSD?

Just like the previous code (*901#) worked till the early days of March, *710# also works the same way. It is better to dial the short code and follow the prompt messages rather than dialing the long code to get the service performs the operation once. For instance, some customers may dial*901*amount to be sent* account number #.

Steps to Register on Access transfer bank code?


Access transfer bank code

To get started with registering on Access transfer bank code, the following steps will be taken.

  • You must be a user of Access Bank.
  • You must be registering from your phone number connected with the bank.
  • Dial *710#.
  • Click on ‘Transfer’
  • Enter the last 6 digits of your ATM debit card. Alternative to this is to supply your date of birth.
  • Supply your 10-digit account number.
  • Generate your pin. It is always a 4-digit.

Why is my Access Bank USSD Code not Working?

Many have been facing difficulty in making transfer in the past months. Some have attributed this to the general poor network that faced many banks in Nigeria of recent. Fortunately, the access transfer bank code has been changed have you have read and given the new code above.

Alternative to Access Transfer Bank Code.

Access Bank PLC, has many platforms that it has provided for its users. This is to ensure that customers make seamless transactions. Some of the platforms that the bank introduced is Access More and Access WhatsApp.

Advantages of using Access transfer bank code

There are many advantages that associated with using access transfer bank code, among the advantages include the following:

  1. The USSD makes it easier to make transactions anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to enter bank or go to any ATM before you can make transaction.
  2. It doesn’t change much. To have access to this platform, #6 is deducted. This is relatively cheaper to how much a customer may spend if he wants to go to the bank.
  3. The code is easier to use. It doesn’t require much set up like the Access Mobile App that may even require the customer care to set up.
  4. The platform allows the users to make different transactions that those that are using Mobile apps can also make.

Disadvantages of using Access transfer bank code.

The fact that the platform has many advantages doesn’t mean that it won’t have disadvantages. The following are the disadvantages of using the platform:

  • The code is always affected by the network provider. This makes it not useful during the the emergency periods.
  • The platform is limited to some amount of transactions. For instance, a user can only make #100,000 per day on the platform per day making it #20,000 per time.
  • It doesn’t contain all the list of the banks. For instance, some new school online banks like Kuda, Opay among others are not on the platform.


The article tries to provide the latest and exclusive code of access transfer bank code. It goes further to explain how the transfer code can be used. The article indeed has resolved the problems faced by many Access Bank PLC customers that find it difficult to make transactions using the USSD platform.


If you have problem using Access transfer bank code with the new code given here, your bank should be the next place to go. The article didn’t in any part suggest that Access Bank has replaced its code, it only gave the new code that works as the time of writing this article.


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