SASSA loan via cellphone

South African Government in order to help the citizens has established an agent which is in charge of granting loans for people that are in dire need of these loans. The South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA) has not only been a helping tool for South African residents that may want to obtain loans, it is also the right channel to educate and enlighten the citizens on how to obtain SASSA loan via cellphone.

However, many South African citizens have found it difficult to obtain the SASSA loan via cellphone. In this article, simplycashout will simplify the process of obtaining SASSA loan via cellphone with ease and as well provide all the information needed to get SASSA loan via cellphone.

All about SASSA loan via cellphone.

SASSA loan is an innovation designed by the South African government in order to help the citizens relief from any hardship that inability to live a normal standard of living might have caused. The loan is designed to help the students, pensioners, old people and other people who may be in serious need of loan to sort out some personal issues.

However, not everybody living in South Africa is eligible to get this loan. There are some criteria that are needed to be made in order to get this loan. Without this, it may be very difficult to get SASSA loan via cellphone. Some of the eligibility that a resident is expected to meet before obtaining SASSA loan via cellphone include:

  • He must be a citizen of South Africa.
  • In case of a stranger or alien, he must have nationalized himself as a citizen of South Africa.
  • He must have valid documents approved by the South Africa government.
  • He must provide a solid reason why he really needs to have the loan.
  • He must be able to repay the loan.

Can I borrow money from SASSA via cellphone?

It is very possible to borrow money from SASSA. But there must be criteria to meet as I have explained above before a citizen can apply to borrow money from SASSA. SASSA that was designed by the government of South Africa in 2005, has been the number one agent to turn to whenever any citizen of South Africa needs any loan or grant for some personal issues which may include to fund a project, settling a debt and others.

How to obtain SASSA loan via cellphone?

SASSA loan via cellphone has been made so simple and easy through the advent of technology these days. This means, it is very easy and convinient to reach SASSA agent for loans. SASSA agent which is located in different areas of South Africa didn’t from the inception, when it was started in 2005, accepted online application. Rather the agent preferred applicant to register and apply for loans in person.

However, as time goes on, there were many difficulties that warranted applicants to be applying to obtain SASSA loan through their cellphone. Some of the issues include many applicants which may be applying for loans at the same time. This has made it possible for the introduction of online application.

To obtain SASSA loan via cellphone, the following are expected of the applicants.

  • The applicant must dial *130*3737*1#.
  • Answer any question with your identity number.
  • Keep on pressing number one anytime new query is asked.
  • Answer till you get access to the bank statement option.
  • State the total amount for expenses per month.
  • Then you can choose any plan for yourself.

SASSA loan via cellphone is that easy. The loan allow any applicant to obtain a loan as low as R240 to R1000.

Types of SASSA loan that can be that can be obtain via cellphone.

The following are the types of SASSA loan that can be obtained via cellphone in South Africa having met all the requirements that are needed to be met before loan can be granted.

SASSA loan via cellphone

Social Relief of Distress:

This type of loan is applied for when there is distress like any unforseen circumstances. The citizens in South Africa, for instance, during xenophobic crises, have their property destroyed. Citizens must know how to obtain SASSA loan via cellphone to cushion the effects of this.


Citizens are also given access to obtain SASSA loan via cellphone whenever they want to fund any project. SASSA loan is available for any citizen for that. There are guidelines on his a citizen can apply for this.

SASSA loan for child:

Government of South Africa does not exclude the infant and young ages while planing their SASSA loan program. The planners make sure that the children and underaged people too are entitled to this loan. However, since they are not legally entitled to obtain loans, they always seek for this loan under guardians.

Foster Care Grant:

There is a much for the citizens to know how to obtain this type of SASSA loan via cellphone. It is made available for people that are under another person’s care. The guardians can seek for this loan and if they meet up with the requirements will be granted the loan.

Disability Grants:

People that are deformed as well, are cater for in the implementation of SASSA loan. Therefore, this category of people as well can get SASSA loan via cellphone. They may be excluded from visiting the offices because of their state of health. However, they will also be subjected to the same requirements that others are subjected to.

Grants for older person:

As we have SASSA loan made available for the younger ones, there are also the ones for the older people. The older people may include the pensioners and other older or old citizens. They can as well apply for SASSA loan via cellphone. Though, their attention may be needed at the office probably for some verification.

War Veteran Grants:

SASSA loan makes provisions for the military men, either still in service or ex military men. This is to boost the moral of the men in working assiduously for the protection of their country. Before a military man can obtain SASSA loan via cellphone under this category, the military man must have proven beyond a reasonable doubt the purpose of the loan.


SASSA loan via cellphone has been made easy these days as many people who have for one reason or the other find it difficult to obtain this loan physically can now obtain it through their cellphones.

The article as well, has made sure to state some requirements before one can be qualified to get this loan. There is also information on types of SASSA loan via cellphone that can be obtained.

However, if any citizen or reader who may be interested in SASSA loan via cellphone has any problem doing this, he can comment on the comment box for furthermore assistance. There are also rooms for suggestions, advice and contributions. We will be glad you do.


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