How to Convert Airtime to Cash (2023)

There are many reasons why people may be want to know how to convert their airtime to cash. Some have over recharged due to some their negligence or by mistake. Others may be gifted airtime and need to convert it to cash rather than using the airtime to call. All these are the main reasons why people have been searching the internet to know how to convert their airtime to reach cash and then send to their account number.

Simplycashout has compiled different ways and useful apps that which people on how to convert airtime to cash. Every detail that is needed will be covered in this article as it is always done by this website.

How to convert airtime to cash.

How to convert airtime to cash has been a very tedious step for many people that do not how to go with this process. Many have even given up just because they have tried different applications which do not work out. Some have resulted in wasting the airtime on unnecessary calls. Some have even sold the airtime at lower rate just to make sure they get something out of the over recharged airtime.

The good news is that there have been some websites and applications that have been put in place to provide this singular function of helping people on how to convert their airtime to cash.

Below are some of these applications and tips on how they work.

17 best apps that teach how to convert airtime to cash.

How to convert airtime to cash


Presmit is indeed the first on the list if a someone needs a clear description on how to convert airtime to cash. The application is easy to use and is available not only for the android users only but iOS users as well.

The application is not only used for the purpose of converting airtime to cash but also is also used for trading in cryptocurrency, selling of gift cards and as well buying of data.

Presmit application can also be used to buy data and airtime and pays some bills. The utilities that this app can be used to pay has really made it so popular among other apps that can be used for the same purpose.


Airtimeflip is another application that has made learning how to convert airtime to cash easy. The application which is also available on Google Playstore has been one of the most downloaded application for this purpose.

However, many users have been complaining that the application always have glitch-free transactions only on MTN network. Other network provider users always experience difficulty while trying to use the application.


Eazymobile is another that application available on iOS and Android versions and that can be used to convert airtime to cash seamlessly. The application which can also be used to buy cryptocurrency coins can also be used to buy data of any network. It is widely used because it is self explanatory and does not really require mamy documents before it can be set up.


Though this application charges 20% on any transaction, it is still regarded as one of the most used application that can be used to convert airtime to cash. The 20% is applied to all networks and the application easily allowed the users to transfer directly to their banks without any stress.


The list in how to convert airtime to cash cannot be completed except we include Zoranga. The application which is a household name for most network users have been gaining more popularity based on the fact that it has one of the finest interphase and makes working on it so stress free.

The application unlike some applications that perform the same funtions does not take any charges for allowing users to use its service. As well, it does inform the users anytime their is downtime on its service to prevent incomplete transactions.


This is another app that has even saving many people from losing their money to the over-purchased airtime. The application has 18% charge on MTN and the rest seems higher than that. The application can also be used for other things apart from making its users know how to convert airtime to cash. It can also be used to purchase data, pay utilities and other services. However, the application is best known for the best application to be used to convert airtime to cash.


The list isn’t be completed without this application. The application which was built to provide succour to the people in making it easier to convert airtime to cash. The application ever since it was launched has been gaining more popularity among the users. The app has all Nigerian networks and make sure that it makes its usage very easy for the users to use.


Aimtoget is one the earliest application that is used to convert airtime to cash. The application, despite the fact that it charges, 25% of the transactions has not lost its customers, rather, it keeps on waxing stronger. The Aimtoget application provides other services which has been making online transactions easier for the customers.


Modelc is one of the applications that pays its users for referring other users. This has made it more unique and popular among the other applications that are used for the same purpose. Modelc, just like other applications that convert airtime to cash, ad well, provides different other funtions like paying for utilities, buying of data and airtime.


Gosub is one of the fast rising application that’s designed to make sure people do not lose their money to unnecessary overcharged cards. The easiest ways of doing transactions on the platform has made it more convinient to be used by its users. To have more customers, the platform decides not charge any user for using its service. There is also other services that the Gosub provides.

The customer care that the platform has, had been making getting customers easier for the platform.

Tingtel Airtime

Tingel is also a fantastic application that can be used to convert airtime to cash. The application makes it easier for the users to transfer the money to their direct bank account. Tingel Airtime, as well always, provides incentive and some offers for its users at some intervals, majorly to mark some events.

Other platforms that can be used for this purpose include

  • Patricia
  • CheetahPay
  • Airtiimedata Hub.
  • Snappy Exchange.
  • Fonbnk

Can I transfer Airtime to my bank account?

With the above applications that has taught us on how to convert airtime to cash, it is still possible to transfer Airtime to bank account. Each of the application that is listed above provides for users where to input their bank accounts.

However, it must be noted that,we cannot transfer Airtime directly to our bank account, rather, we need to convert the money to cash before we can transfer it back to our bank account. There may be charges for this service depending on the application that we use.


How to convert airtime to cash has been made simpler with this article. The articles and well has provided different applications that can be used for this purpose. Fortunately, these applications are self explanatory and do not really need any technical guidelines before they can be set up.

The article as well makes sure they it allays the fear of most people that are skeptical about whether they can transfer their airtime to bank account. The article has made them know that it is easier to do this.

If there is any suggestion, comments or advice that Amy reader may want to render this website, there is comment box that is made available for the purpose.


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