PEP loan for Blacklisted People as at April 2023

PEP loan for blacklisted people is a program designed to help people that are of South Africa origin. The program always makes sure that people that have been listed out by the National Cash Regulator. (NCR) not to qualify for any loan. In this article, simplycashout will be talking about how PEP loan for blacklisted people can be accessed. This is not the only information that this article intends to provide, there is also information on the requirements and documents needed by the Capfin company before granting PEP loan for blacklisted people.

PEP loan for blacklisted People

PEP loan for blacklisted

PEP loan for blacklisted people is offered through Capfin, which is an independent loan credit provider in South Africa. Capfin is owned by a company known as Century Capital Limited. The company has been helping people that has been blacklisted for many reasons which may range from bad credit score and others.

There are many other reasons why PEP loan for blacklisted people may be seen as an option. Among the reason may be the fact that the loan may be needed for some personal reasons which include sorting out of debts or for some personal projects.

Before the PEP loan for blacklisted people was introduced, those that have been outlawed by the NCR always found it difficult to get themselves loan even if they are im dire need of this loan. Hence, PEP loan for blacklisted people was designed to solve this.

PEP loan for blacklisted people, which was offered through Capfin, offered R50,000 to the qualified citizens. The loan is calculated using Capfin loan calculator. Capfin loan calculator is seen as having good interest rate which makes it affordable for the applicants to easily pay off these loans.

Another reason why applicant always prefer the Capfin loan calculator to calculate PEP loan for blacklisted people is that it is easy to use this tool. It does not require any technicalities before it is done.

Can you get a loan if you are blacklisted?

PEP loan for blacklisted people which is a short term that usually allows its applicants to have access to at least R50, 000 for the minimum period of 6 months and maximum of 12 months, has been making it possible for the blacklisted people to have access to loan.

This automatically means that people that are blacklisted can as well get access to loan if they are qualified for the loan as stipulated for PEP loan, offered by the Capfin.

Though there are some situations where an applicant may not be granted loan if he’s blacklisted. Seeking help from the Capfin company will let applicants really know their chance on whether they can be qualified for the loan or not.

How long does it take to get Capfin loan approved for blacklisted people?

PEP loan for blacklisted people,.offer by Capfin, is always processed within 72 hours. This means that applicants having applied for the loan needs to wait for 73 hours for the loan to be processed.

However it does not mean that it must be 72 hours. There are many tendencies that it may be processed faster than the stipulated time. The payment is usually within 48 hours as well.

Another important thing to know about PEP loan for blacklisted people offer by Capfin, is that, applicants can have more than one loan at a time. This means that, applicants that’s serving a loan can still seek for another if there’s a serious commitment to the one that he’s servicing.

Documents to have before accessing PEP loan for blacklisted people.

You don’t just access PEP loan for blacklisted people except you have met up with some requirements. Without this, there may be difficulty in accessing the loan, that will be offered through Capfin.

The following are the documents that an applicant must provide before the loan can be accessed:

  1. An applicant must have a prove to show that he or she is truly a South African citizens by providing a South African Identify Card.
  2. Another important thing that an applicant must provide before he can be considered for the PEP loan for blacklisted people is 3 recent playslips.
  3. There should be a valid phone number must have been approved by RICA
  4. There must also be a valid account number. That’s where the money will be sent to if eventually the loan is accepted.

Requirements to meet up before applying for PEP loan for blacklisted people.

Apart from the fact that there are some documents to present to qualify for the loan, there must also be some requirements to satisfy before one can be seen as being qualified for PEP loan for blacklisted people. The following are the requirements that we need to meet before the loan can be granted:

  • An applicant must be a South African by birth. This means that the loan cannot be accessed by the aliens. However, the loan can be accessed by a naturalized citizen.
  • An applicant must be 18 years. This is a legal age in South Africa before an applicant can apply for loan.
  • Applicants must be an active worker. There must be a status that will show that the applicants are still working. This will ensure that the applicants will be able to pay the loan easily.

PEP loan for blacklisted people via cellphone

With the recent advance in technology, it is now possible for applicants to have access to PEP loan for blacklisted people through cellphone. Applicants can seek help by dialing some codes in order to have access to the customer care who will put them through on all what they need to know before they are qualified for the loan. There is also another code that has been supplied for the applicants to get their balance if they have been approved and granted the loan.

  • To seek help to know whether one is qualified for the loan or not, an applicant can send HELP to 43679. This will reveal the status of the applicants. Applicants having known this, can seek further help on how to be qualified for the loan.
  • Having being granted by the Capfin loan calculator, applicants can dail the following codes to know the balance of their loan. *120*5566#.


This article has explained all what the readers needs to know about PEP loan for blacklisted people. The program, which is offered by the Capfin company using Capfin calculator, is made for some people that have been blacklisted. This article then had made exposed the intending applicants to all what they need to know snot the loan before they applied for the loan.

The article as well has made sure that it covered different codes that can be used to access this loan on phone. It gives readers access to know how long they need to hold the loan. However, to get access to more information about the program, applicants can get the full information on the official website of the Capfin company.


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