Cash Crusaders loans: Requirements and Application (2023)

Cash Crusaders loans have been designed to help people that do not have much money as collateral and they are in need of loan to sort out some personal issues. The platform which has been established for the past 26 years has been helping South African people to have access to loan even if they don’t have much they can use as their collateral.

This website, simplycashout, will write in details all what an applicant will need to know about Cash Crusaders loan. This article will reveal all what the applicants will use to pawn for the loans they may want to apply for and as well how much they can apply for. The article as well will let the readers know some terms and conditions of the Cash Crusaders Loan.

Cash Crusaders loans

Cash Crusaders Loan: Everything to Know

Cash Crusaders Loans are the program of Cash Crusaders company, an NCR, National Cash Regulator, approved company, established in 1996 to provide loans for people that are in need of personal loan, and they only need to pawn with any of their belongings before they can get the loans sorted out.

Cash Crusaders Loan company doesn’t only grant loan for their customers but also they sell other electronic items like phones, laptops and others and home appliances like televisions, fans and others.

Citizens of South Africa, has really relied so much on the company because of the positive impacts that Cash Crusaders loans have made in their lives. The company which was established 26 years ago has made application for loans easier for the applicants.

There are almost 200 stores of Cash Crusaders out there in South Africa. Anyone that wishes to pawn his items for loans will only have to walk to any of the available stores that is closer to him for the operation.

Cash Crusaders loans are seen as flexible as there are many options that have been put in place to make the process easier and faster for the customers.

What do you need to pawn at Cash Crusaders?

Applicants have been trying to know all what they can pawn with Cash Crusaders inorder to have access Cash Crusaders loans. There are many items that an applicant can pawn ranging from any electronic devices, like phones which can be android and iOS.

That’s not all, applicants can still pawn home appliances. Home appliances like fans, television, refrigerator and others can be pawed to be accessible to Cash Crusaders loans. This has made it easier for people that have no money or any larger property as their collaterals.

Does Cash Crusaders loans take cracked phones or Laptop?

Many applicants have been trying to know whether they can pawn their broken devices with Cash Crusaders loans. The simple answer may not be reached as the company accept broken devices but not badly broken devices. They can accept those devices that are broken but just slightly broken and still work perfectly.

In general, Cash Crusaders workers will check the conditions of any item that an applicant wants to pawn to check the working conditions of the items. This will be a sole determiner of whether the applicants will be granted Cash Crusaders loans.

Unfortunately, the recent tweet of Cash Crusaders from their official Twitter handle shows that the company has stopped collecting cracked phones.

Advantages of using Cash Crusaders loan

Easily accessible

Cash Crusaders loans are very easy to apply for. You don’t need much paper works as you only need to walk to any of the shop to pawn any of your items that you may be willing to exchange for the loans.

Flexible payment

Cash Crusaders loans lasts for 30 days. This should not bother applicants as there are flexible payment option. Any applicant that cannot meet up with the ultimatum can contact the customer care some days to the expiration for adjustment.


The tenure can be shifted at most 5 times just to reduce the burden on the applicants.

Pawned items are safe

Cash Crusaders keep any item that applicant pawned with them safe and secure. Applicants need not to be worried about the conditions of their items as they will be secured even after being granted Cash Crusaders loans.

No extra charge

Cash Crusaders loans do not attract any extra charge or any interest. An applicant will have access to his pawned items the moment he finishes repaying the exact amount that he borrowed from as Cash Crusaders loans. This has made many people to prefer this loan whenever they want loans.

Accept cracked Phones and Laptops

Instead of throwing away your broken items, you can pawn them for Cash Crusaders loans. This has made it easier for broken items to be useful. Though, like I have said before, not all the time that broken items can be pawned at Cash Crusaders.

In fact, there are sometimes that these items are rejected. Though, the level of cracked may determine the acceptability.

How Much Loan can I get at Cash Crusaders with a laptop?

Applicants that want to pawn his laptop for Cash Crusaders loans may get up to R2,000 depending on the conditions and make of the laptop. There is need many steps to follow other than going to the shop any closer store and show the valid documents that shows that you are they owner of the laptop that want to be pawned.

However, if the laptop is a cracked one, there may be lower chance of getting much money from Cash Crusaders.

How to Apply for Cash Crusaders loans

There are many ways by which applicants can apply for this loans. The easiest way is to apply through WhatsApp. Applicants need just to give out his phone number on the website and may be contacted by the worker in the Cash Crusaders.

Many may be prefer to go to any of the 200 stores of Cash Crusaders loans that are located all around South Africa. The workers will ask for some questions and if all the requirements are met, the loan will be processed within 24 hours and payment won’t be more than 20 minutes depending on the bank.

Steps required to qualify for Cash Crusaders loans

There are no many steps that is needed to be taken by applicants before applying for Cash Crusaders loans. However, the flowing are the necessary steps to be taken:

  • Locate any Cash Crusaders store around you
  • Provide your items that you want to pawn
  • Show valid documents like ID card and receipts of the submitted items.
  • Show your past loan history.
  • Allow Cash Crusaders workers to go through your documents
  • Submit a valid phone number and account number.
  • State the amount that you want to accept.
  • Wait for the response from the company.

Can my application to Cash Crusaders loans be Rejected?

Yes, there are many instances where people have their application to get loan is rejected by the Cash Crusaders. There will however be a solid reason for this which will be highlighted soon. Applicants can reapply having corrected all the reasons that the loans was rejected in the first instance.

The following are the reasons why Cash Crusaders loans can be rejected:

  • If applicant is less than 18 or 21 years.
  • If applicant has loan that has not been paid.
  • If applicant submit items that are not worthy of rh amount.
  • If applicant doesn’t have the required documents.
  • If applicant doesn’t follow the due process.

However, applicants can re-apply for the loan if all the rejection reasons have been taken care of.


Cash Crusaders loans have been the savior of most South Africa citizens whenever they want to apply for loan. The company doesn’t require much collateral other than electronic devices and home appliances. The company has almost 200 store across South Africa, which makes it easier for applicants to have access to them.

Applicants can also apply for Cash Crusaders loans through their phones. The article has exposed the readers and the intending applicants all what they can pawn with the company to get access to the loan.

There is comment box for anyone that wants to ask any question, give suggestions or even advice.


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