How to check BVN on Airtel

How to check BVN on Airtel has been a trending issue many people are facing on Nigeria. There are many reasons of course why people may want to check their BVN. In this article, we will walk through processes of getting our BVN checked on Airtel and other network providers in Nigeria.

Not only that, the article will as well let us know how to check our BVN on Airtel with different banks that we may be banking with.

How to check BVN on Airtel

How to check BVN on Airtel

Airtel had made it easy for its users to know how to check BVN on Airtel. We can do this with our Airtel SIM card or we use another person’ s SIM card. There are simple steps to follow to make sure that we get this done.

However before we go ahead with how to check BVN with Airtel, we need to know that the network will require us to pay a sum of #20 fo the service. This means we must have at least #20 on our line before we do this.

The following are the steps that we must follow to get this done.

  • Dial *565*0#.
  • Make sure you have at least #20 on your line.
  • Wait till the message of your 11 digits BVN pops up.

It is as simple as that but we must note we need to do this on the registered Airtel line that we used while registering for BVN at any of the Nigerian Bank.

How to check BVN on MTN.

Learning how to check BVN on MTN is as simple just like how to check BVN on Airtel. The same process will be followed with little or no adjustment at all. MTN, just like Airtel charges the same amount of money that Airtel will charge as well.

To get started on with checking BVN, we must do the following steps:

  • Make sure we are using the MTN SIM that we used in registering our BVN.
  • Dial *565#
  • Wait till the BVN shows up on the screen.

How to check BVN on GLO.

Just like what wed did when we are learning how to check BVN on Airtel, the same thing we go for his to check on GLO. GLO users must make sure they have at least a token of #20 on their like and they must have registered with Nigerian Bank with the same GLO line that they want to check their BVN with.

The following actions will be taken having fulfilled all the aforementioned criteria:

  • Users should dial *565#.
  • #20 will be deducted from the GLO line.
  • A 11-digit number will show up as the BVN.

How to check BVN on Etisalat.

Etisalat line is now known as 9Mobile. Users with this network may also find it difficult to check their BVN especially since they don’t really have more customers compare to the first three networks that we have talked about.

For users to successful check their BVN on Etisalat, they will have to:

  • Dial *565#.
  • Wait till they see a message showing their BVN number.
  • Must have #20 on their phone.

However, to prevent being charged for this service anytime that we check, we must copy the first one that we check safely. This is because the #20 charge is done repeatedly anytime we try to check our BVN on any of these network providers.

How can I check my BVN without Airtime?

While so many people have wanted to know how to check BVN on Airtel, others have been bothered on how to check their BVN without Airtime. As we all know, to check our BVN, our network providers will deduct at least #20, but we can do this without paying for it.

How to check BVN on Airtime is not done as USSD code alone, we can as well get the information online. We can either check our banks to get the information without paying any money or without airime.

Each bank in Nigeria has a unique way of checking BVN on them. We can either check the BVN using the mobile bank app or we use the USSD format. While the mobile bank app may charge you in data, the USSD service vs be freely used.

How to check BVN Code on First Bank.

Customers that doesn’t want to use how to check BVN on Airtel to check his BVN can easily check on his First Bank using the USSD code free of charge without Airtime.

The users only need the following steps to get started with it.

  • Dial *894#
  • Click on 1 or the option that shows quick banking.
  • Click on 4 on the option that shows enquiry services
  • Click on 4 or the option that shows BVN enquiry.

This service is free of charge for the customers that use First Bank.

How to check BVN Code on access bank

Customers that use Access Bank can easily check their BVN without spending airtime at all. All what they need to know is the official USSD code of the Access Bank. With this, there is nothing more.

Though, the official USSD code of Access Bank is *901#, tentatively, *710# has been the working code to carry out any transaction with Access Bank using USSD.

Customers will perform the following operation while trying to check their BVN.

  • Dial *710#
  • Click 6
  • Then click on BVN enquiry.

How to check BVN Code on Sterling Bank.

Sterling Bank is one of the most used new generation banks in Nigeria. You don’t need to know how to check BVN on Airtel if you are using Sterling Bank as you can easily follow the following guidelines before you check the BVN.

  • Dial *822#
  • Click on the option that shows enquiry
  • Click on BVN enquiry.

Remember, you need to carry out all these operations using the SIM card that you used to register account with the bank and not necessarily the SIM card that you registered your BVN with.

What is the USSD code for BVN?

Whether we are searching for how to check BVN on Airtel or other network, we need to use the same code for all of them. This has made it simpler for many customers that use different phone numbers. You don’t need to be racking brain or memorizing any code just because we want to check our BVN.

We can easily dial *556# from any network in Nigeria. That is, we can dial the number on MTN, Airtel, GLO and Etisalat or 9mobile. We only need to make sure that we use the same number that we used while applying for the BVN in any of the Nigerian banks.

How do I get my BVN online?

There are many times that people that are searching for how to check BVN on Airtel may lose their phone or SIM card in particular. This may happen to any networks as well. All hope is not lost as it is possible and easier to still retrieve the BVN online.

We can either do it in two ways. We can check using our mobile bank apps. With this, we don’t need any stress. The information will show the moment we log in to the application and we click on drop down menu.

Incidentally, we can use the NIBSS( Nigeria Inter Bank Settlement System) PLC. The agent was set up in 1993 to perform BVN verification inter-alia. We can access their official website by clicking on this link.

  • Click on the above link to register with the board.
  • Click on your details
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Enter your date of birth correctly
  • Await your BVN.

Note: If you are not sure of the official website of this agent, it will be of best interest to go to the bank. Your banks can be of great help in retrieving your BVN without have to search how to check BVN on Airtel.


This article has walked readers through how to check BVN on Airtel. This is not the only information that this article treated as it encapsulated on how to check BVN on other network providers in Nigeria.

It is not how to check BVN on Airtel that is the only way of checking BVN, there are ways of checking it online too. The article treated the best way to check our BVN without airtime and also through using of our bank mobile apps.

If there is any question, suggestion or any advice concerning this article or other great articles that you have read here, you can use the comment box.


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