How to Reverse Money Using Capitech App: (2023 Updated).

How to reverse money using Capitec app has been one of the most asked questions these days, especially by South Africans, where the Capitec app is so common. There are may be many reasons why people may want to get their transactions reversed.

Today, this article will put you through the step by step on how to reverse money using Capitec app is done. The article as well will provide information on tips on how to make a safe transactions using Capitech app.

How to reverse money using Capitech app

How to reverse money using Capitec app

How to reverse money using capitech app always be the next question that users ask whenever they make a wrong transactions for one reason or the other. But before we talk more on this, we need to let the readers know what Capitech is and what does it perform.

Capitech is a leading retailing bank established in 2001 by Jannie Mouton, Michiel Le Roux and Riaan Stassan. The bank, among other functions, perform investment banking, issuance of credit and debit cards, commercial banking and giving our of loans.

To make transactions simpler for its users and the constant demand for online banking, the company has released, Global One. Global One is used for making transactions online seamlessly.

However, due to geometric increment in its users, to the tune of more than 18 million years, there are many times some users may make a mistake of wrong transferring, hence there is need to know how to reverse money using Capitech app.

How do I reverse money using Capitech app

It is not a big deal to make a mistake why we want to transact. There are many reasons why this may be so. If it happens, we should learn how to reverse money using Capitech app.

Whenever this issue occurs, we can use the application, Global One, gn carry out the reversal. We should note that it is not possible to use cellphone banking mode to reverse money on Capitech.

The following are the steps to follow if we want to reverse money using Capitech app

  • We open the Capitech banking app.
  • We select the Transaction History.
  • We click on the particular transaction we want to reverse.
  • We input our personal pin.
  • We will provide reasons why we want to reverse the transaction.
  • Then we accept the terms and conditions before submitting.

How to reverse money using Capitech app can be that simply but this may not yield a successful transaction if al the steps are not followed. For instance, we must carry out all these activities out using our registered phone number that is linked with the banks.

Can I reverse a payment and debit order with Capitech

It is to be noted that not all transactions can be reversed using Capitech app. Whenever we make transactions and we need to reverse such a transaction, we may need to consult the customer care to have the full service.

When a transaction has been completed for some days, it may be difficult to get this reversed but that doesn’t mean it is not possible. There are some criteria that will be met before this can be made possible. Among the criteria to be met will include:

  • Contacting the Capitech customer service either in the bank or on call.
  • Contact the recipient banks as well.
  • Narrate the reason why you want the transaction to be reversed.
  • Get the consent of the recipient before further actions are taken.
  • All these should be done not up to a month of carrying out the transaction.

Reasons to know how to reverse money using Capitech app

There are many reasons why we need to know how to reverse money using Capitech app. There can be case of theft where different transactions will be made on our behalf. There are many people that have fallen victims of this. And the major way to get this protected is to make sure that we have a strong password to our phones to keep strangers from accessing our phones without our consents.

Another reason why we made need to know how to reverse money using Capitech app is that, we may be misled to pay some money we will otherwise not pay. This always happen if we are illiterate or we have not fully understood the main reason why we need to pay the fee that we did. To get out of this, we can make further research and make sure we only complete a transaction after understanding it.

Some people have made a mistake of sending money twice or more than the required times. Some have claimed that it is because of the network, while some have faulted the Capitech app of being at fault for deducting their money more than the necessary times. To solve this, we must always be careful while making transactions.

Payment error has been the reason for some people to fall into the category of people that are looking for information on how to reverse money using Capitech app. There may be punching of wrong numbers or misspelt of names. When this occurs, we may not have any choice that to be planning on how to do the reversal.

How long do I have to reverse a debit order at Capitech.

If we want to reverse our money using Capitech, we need the grace of 40 days. This means we don’t have forever to start planning for reversal. Those that are not aware of the error in transactions within the 40 days time frame may have to visit the banks or contact the customer care on call using 0860102043.

The agent will direct the victim on what next to be done to get their money back. Some have used other alternatives method of contacting the wrong recipient asking for reversal. This may work out if the recipient is really a nice person.

It is also to be noted that the reversal of all erred transactions should reflect within 48 days of the initiation.

How to make safe transactions using Capitech app.

In order not to fall victims of wrong transactions, it is very important to take into consideration the following tips:

  1. Double checking the recipient number and name.
  2. Make sure the name and the account number is correct.
  3. Do not carry out an order when there is network glitch.
  4. Mail the bank immediately you have the wrong transactions even before you start applying for the reversal.
  5. Wait 24 hours before you carry out the reversal as there may be tendency of automatic transactions.


How to reverse money using Capitech app is as simple as that. And all the steps together with some additional information has been provided for in the article. However, this doesn’t mean that this article guarantees you of the best result. In order to have full service given to us. We can make sure we meet the customers service.

In case there are questions, comments and help on any of the information that is not cleared, you can easily make use of the comment box.

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