How to Change Banking Details on SASSA: April 2023

How to change banking details on SASSA is a very easy one but not everybody knows how to go about it. Ever since the SASSA has extended the SRD R350, many South Africans, have been trying to read more on how the can either update their details on SASSA, change banking details on SASSA and many more.

This article will treat some of the issues that most applicants of this loan are seeking. The article will as well provide some details on how to fasten the process of the loan application.

How to Change Banking Details on SASSA

SASSA SRD R350 : Details on the extension.

How to change banking details on SASSA has been on the lips of many South African ever since the agent has made announcement in October, 2022, that there may be some extention of the grant.

Before we delve into how to change banking details on SASSA, there is need to know more about the SASSA SRD R350 loan. SASSA loan was designed to help victims of finacial freedoms. There is another project that this agent is embarking on called Social Relief of Distress (SRD).

SASSA which means South African Social Security Agent has been in charge of all these loans and ensure that all residents that are qualified for this loans are granted regardless of whether they are assylum seekers or bonafide members of South Africa.

The program which has been running after the COVID 19 has been of help to the residents of South Africa in solving some financial obstacles that may follow them. There have been extension which ought to have closed in March, 2023. But there is likely another extension to ensure that all applicants that are qualified are granted.

How to change banking details on SASSA.

Whether you made a mistake in inputting your details while applying for your SRD R350 or you are able to change your bank details, you must know how to change banking details on SASSA, this will make sure your payment is not made in a wrong account.

Not only this, you must ensure that you know how to verify your details having known how to change banking details on SASSA SRD R350. This will ensure that your correction has been affected.

To change banking details, the following procedures must be duly followed in order to ensure that we don’t make any mistake while doing this:

  • Visit the official website of the SASSA.
  • Then confirm your identity; whether you are a South African or an Asylum seeker.
  • Go to the area that says ‘How to change banking details ‘
  • Enter your 13-digit number and wait for the SMS
  • Click on the link that will be sent through SMS.
  • Then follow the instructions that will pop up.

The same procedures will go for the people that are seeking asylum as well. The only difference is that those that are seeking asylum will have to enter their Asylum Seeker file. Then follow other steps that will be shown after the details have been inputed.

How do I change my contact details for SASSA SRD R350?

There are many that have changed their contact after they must have registered for the SASSA SRD R350 loan. Just as learning how to change banking details on SASSA is very necessary, it is also very necessary to learn how to change contact to ensure that our application is processed faster.

You can only change your contact details once and you must ensure that you wait for 24 hours to effect any change that may come up after you must have changed your contact while applying for SASSA loan.

Can I change my bank details for SASSA SRD R350?

SRD means Social Relief of Distress. It is a design of South Africa Social Security Agent. If you have already registered your banking details with this agents, you may not need to change it for SRD grants.

However, you can read the information above to know how to change banking details on SASSA if you are doubting the details that you supplied while registering with SASSA loan.

How to change banking details on SASSA for R350.

SASSA has been granting loans to qualified South Africans on the SRD R350. The same way you change banking details on SASSA is always the same no matter which loans you are applying for. The same procedures should be followed.

But in case, you don’t get any of the process, it is better you visit any physical office of SASSA where you will see some od the workers that will be willing to help you on any issue that you may come with.

How do I verify my banking details?

Learning how to change banking details on SASSA is not enough if we don’t know how to verify the details of this transaction. There is no much procedure that is entailed with this as most of the issues will be done by the agent especially if the applicants have submitted the right detail.

The information given will be submitted to the Department of Treasury for some confirmation. Then, the detail will be sent back to the SASSA for the final confirmation and the final process.

A successful, if checked his dashboard will see ‘Pending’. This has signified that the details and application have been received by the agent and payment may start any time soon. This stage, an applicant can still learn how to change banking detail on SASSA if there is need to that.

Payment not received after SASSA SRD R350 confirmation.

There are some applicants that have complained that their payments are not received even though they have finished their confirmation process has been completed.

There may be many reasons why this may be so, but the best answer can be given by the SASSA worker. But we must not know that since it is a grant loan, it is not everybody that applied for it that will be granted this loan.

There may be some that will be weaned out during the process of complications for submitting contradictory information or may be they are not qualified for the loans that they sre applying for.

What to be done? All hopes should not be lost. There are still ways of redeeming this. It is either such an applicant visit the SASSA office or he sends message on WhatsApp to 0820468553.


How to change banking details on SASSA is necessary for many reasons. There are some applicants that have forgotten the details that they used while applying for their grants. The article has provided some steps to be followed in order to change or make corrections to some of the details they have hitherto given.

In case there are suggestions, comments and advice, the comment box should be made used. And we promise to attend to any questions as quick as possible.


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